Mary Tavoukjian

Mary Tavoukjian, RN, BSN

Chief Nursing Officer

Mrs. Tavoukjian is a registered nurse with a passion for health and wellness within the Armenian-American community.  She currently works on the adult surgical and stroke unit at the UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, CA, where she holds various leadership positions including being an active member of the in-unit practice council and working as a charge nurse.  After attending a number of youth sports medicine conferences, Mrs. Tavoukjian quickly realized the importance of an inter-professional approach in the treatment and management of acute and chronic general medical conditions, environmental illness, neurological injury, and emergency situations that may arise within youth athletic participation.  Mrs. Tavoukjian hopes that through the AASMC, she can do her part to help improve health practices within the local Armenian-American community, youth athletics, and abroad in Armenia.

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