Tevan Asaturi

Tevan Asaturi, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Asaturi is an expert in finance, building relationships, identifying potential value, creating opportunities, and delivering tailored recommendations for individuals and businesses to exceed goals and performance expectations. He earned his Master of Business Administration, along with a certification in Technology Commercialization, from the University of Southern California, and his Bachelor’s in Business Economics from the University of California, Irvine. Mr. Asaturi is currently a Management Consultant at Accenture consulting the upper echelon of tech giants. He previously worked at JPMorgan Chase, where he ranked amongst the top 5% of bankers in the nation. Mr. Asaturi’s unparalleled consistency and unrivaled ambition drives him on a daily basis to strive for greater achievements.  With that said, he strongly advises against the words “can’t” and “tired.” Mr. Asaturi thrives in challenging environments and his plate is never too full.  As a firm believer in charitable giving, Mr. Asaturi founded All for All, Inc. helping feed over 700 of Los Angeles’ homeless population. He genuinely enjoys making friends with strangers, listening, and finding ways to help solve problems.
He is a relentlessly driven, always curious, and an extremely resourceful trusted advisor to many.

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